Papers and Presentations

These papers and presentations have been prepared by the Web Accessibility team for delivery at a variety of conferences and symposia:

  1. Using the AIS Web Accessibility Toolbar, Steve Faulkner - published by WebAIM in August 2005
  2. Impact of the Education Standards under the DDA, Brian Hardy - presented at the WANAU Web Accessibility Forums
  3. Making Flash content more accessible (Powerpoint Show 345 kb), Sofia Celic - presented at Monash University, March 2005.
  4. Accessible Forms and Tables (Powerpoint 342 kb), Sofia Celic - presented at OZeWAI 2004. Also available as a zip file that includes example HTML files used in the presentation: Complete Accessible Forms and Tables (ZIP file 96 kb).
  5. Web Accessibility - Getting Started, Andrew Arch - presention to the Making Links Community Web Workers Conference, November 2004.
  6. Techniques for Making Forms more Accessible, Steve Faulkner - presented at WSG Meeting, Oct. 2004.
  7. Web Accessibility Evaluation Best Practices - W3C/WAI training event, Paris July 2004. Co-presented by Andrew Arch
  8. A Look at Internet Banking Accessibility in Australia, Sofia Celic, Steve Faulkner and Andrew Arch - paper presented at AusWeb04.
  9. Accessibility in Practice , Sofia Celic - paper presented at the Australian Online and Documentation and Content Conference 2004
  10. E-government: Accessible to All - paper prepared by Andrew Arch & Brian Hardy for Future Challenges for E-government commissioned by AGIMO through the Institute of Public Administration of Australia (ACT Division) 2004.
  11. Development in Global Accessible ICT Policy and Law, Cynthia Waddell and Brian Hardy - paper presented at CSUN 2004
  12. Practical Tips to Support Faculty in Providing Accessible Electronic Content, Brian Hardy, Norm Coombs and Richard Banks - paper presented at CSUN 2004
  13. Australian Experiences With Accessibility Policies Post The Sydney Olympic Games, Andrew Arch and Oliver Burmeister - published in Information Technology and Disabilities (Vol. IX No. 2 December, 2003)
  14. Shortened forms on the Web - Abbreviations, Contractions, Acronyms, Initialisms, Symbols and other things, Sofia Celic - paper presented at OZeWAI Dec 2003
  15. Web Accessibility Developments - Implications for Australia , Andrew Arch - presentation at the W3C Day, Evolve Conference 2003
  16. Comparison of Web Accessibility Testing Tools, Steve Faulkner and Andrew Arch, 2003 - paper presented at AusWeb03
  17. FlashTM Multimedia Accessibility - Flash and the web content accessibility guidelines, Sofia Celic and Andrew Arch, 2003 - paper presented at AusWeb03
  18. Getting Started with Accessibility Assessments, 2003 - poster prepared for AusWeb03
  19. Dispelling the Myths - Web Accessibility is for All, Andrew Arch, 2002 - paper presented at AusWeb02
  20. Secondary Research to Determine the Size of the National Print Disabled Audience - Word File (1.05MB), Winzip (542KB), May 2002
  21. Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters Background Paper - Word file (43.0KB). Broad background on current barriers to independent participation in the electoral process.

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