Promotional and Consultancy Services

Designing a Promotional Strategy

Communication strategies are no longer simple and contain single components. Large communication strategies are now complex and multifaceted, utilising a range of mediums targeting a range of audiences.

AIS has extensive experience in providing effective and integrated solutions to meet communication objectives ensuring that small groups are not inadvertently marginalised.

Improved communication strategies include advice on:

  • Improved print media techniques
  • RPH Australia
  • Advice on promotional materials
  • Direct targeting strategies for print disabled individuals

Print Radio RPH

RPH Print Radio is a free-to-air radio service designed specifically for those who have difficulty reading printed information. Located in each capital city as well as regional centres such as Albury, Bendigo, Geelong, Launceston, Mildura, Shepparton and Warragul, RPH Australia can be accessed by over 80% of Australia's population.

These stations are keenly listened to by thousands of people every week, providing a vital service to the target audience of approximately 2 million people who have a print disability. They broadcast daily newspapers, books, magazines and other vital printed information.

Standard promotional practice will often result in only printed media being used to advise of new services or promote a new initiative. RPH Print Radio provides an excellent media to mirror such print strategies, ensuring an equitable and efficient result is forthcoming.

Options include 30-second, 45-second or 60-second announcements, program "intros" and "outros", 3-5 minute weekly, fortnightly or monthly information segments and half-hour interview sessions with talkback facility. All are available at very economical rates.

Targeting Distribution and Promotion

The print accessibility team at Accessible Information Solutions has access to an Australia-wide database of the 18,000 subscribers to the Braille and talking book library of the National Information and Library Service (NILS). Utilising this data enables our team to assist you develop the most appropriate combination of formats and quantities to target your audience more easily. This is achieved through developing your communication strategy, postcode selection, address label production, mail-outs etc.

RPH can also play an important role in informing people that alternative format material is available. Other means of promotion of alternative formatted information include audio inserts in talking newspapers and magazines and media releases to over 70 Australia-wide disability organisations.


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