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Being able to gain information is essential for an individual to make informed decisions. It is also common law right. Accessible Information Solutions is committed to empowering individuals to independently access the information of their choice.

Requesting Information in Alternative Formats

If the organisation you are seeking does not appear in this list, we strongly encourage you to make contact with the organisation and request the information personally. Below are some simple hints you may find useful :

  1. Make contact with the company through the general information line or send an email
  2. Don't be discouraged if the Customer Service Representative you are talking to is not helpful or confused. If this happens request to talk to their supervisor
  3. If you find the outcome unsatisfactory, you can contact Blind Citizens Australia or the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) who will be able to assist you in your efforts.

Ordering Alternative Formats for Regular Publications

Some organisations enable you to order information in your preferred format so that it is distributed to you as soon as it is prepared. These organisations include Australian Tax Office (Tax Tape), National Rugby League (Fixtures), Australian Council for the Arts (Grants and Funding Handbook) and Sydney Festival (Program).

To order, please ring 1800 644 855

Accessible Information Database

Organisations that provide their information in accessible formats. All organisations are listed in alphabetical order, for more details, click on the name of the organisation.


These organisations provide information in accessible formats

If the organisation you are seeking does not appear in this list, we strongly encourage you to make contact with the organisation and request the information personally.

  1. Ageing, Disability and Home Care, Dept of
  2. AGL (NSW)
  3. AGL (VIC)
  4. Amplify Industries
  5. Australian Bureau of Statistics
  6. Australian Cricket Board
  7. Australian Electoral Commission
  8. Australian Football League
  9. Australian Home Care
  10. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
  11. Australian Taxation Office
  12. Bass Coast Shire Council
  13. Bayside City Council
  14. Better Health Channel
  15. Blind Citizens Australia
  16. Boroondara City Council
  17. Bowls Australia
  18. Brisbane City Council
  19. Brisbane Water (NSW) Legacy
  20. Building Commission
  21. Canterbury City Council
  22. Centrelink
  23. Christian Blind Mission International
  24. Citizen Advocacy Eastside
  25. City of Greater Bendigo
  26. City of Greater Geelong
  27. Commonwealth Bank
  28. Commonwealth Carelink
  29. Consumer Affairs
  30. Consumers Health Forum
  31. Darebin City Council
  32. Disability Discrimination Legal Centre
  33. Disability Studies and Research Institute
  34. Domestic Violence and Incest Resource Centre
  35. Family Advocacy NSW
  36. Family and Community Services, Dept of
  37. Gilham Financial Management
  38. Glaucoma Australia
  39. Guide Dogs Victoria
  40. Health and Ageing, Dept of
  41. Health Insurance Commission
  42. Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
  43. Human Services Victoria
  44. Hume City Council
  45. Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs , Dept of
  46. Knox City Council
  47. Liverpool City Council
  48. Macular Vision Loss Support Society
  49. Manningham City Council
  50. Maroondah City Council
  51. Melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006
  52. Moreland City Council
  53. Mornington Peninsula Shire
  54. Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association
  55. National Australia Bank
  56. National Childcare Accreditation Council
  57. National Disability Advisory Council
  58. National Information and Library Service
  59. NSW Fire Brigades
  60. Orange Telecom
  61. Peninsular Health
  62. Penrith City Council
  63. People with Disabilities
  64. Planning and Infrastructure WA
  65. Port Phillip City Council
  66. Retina Australia
  67. RetireInvest
  68. Royal Blind Society of NSW
  69. Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind
  70. RPH Print Radio Adelaide
  71. RPH Print Radio Albury
  72. RPH Print Radio Bendigo
  73. RPH Print Radio Brisbane
  74. RPH Print Radio Canberra
  75. RPH Print Radio Geelong
  76. RPH Print Radio Hobart
  77. RPH Print Radio Melbourne
  78. RPH Print Radio Mildura
  79. RPH Print Radio Perth
  80. RPH Print Radio Shepparton
  81. RPH Print Radio Sydney
  82. RPH Print Radio Warragul
  83. RPH Print Radio Warrnambool
  84. South Gippsland Shire Council
  85. Spirit of Tasmania
  86. Stonnington City Council
  87. Superannuated Commonwealth Officers Association
  88. Surf Coast Shire Council
  89. Sydney Festival
  90. Sydney Legacy
  91. Telstra
  92. Transport Accident Commission
  93. Travellers Aid Disability Access Service
  94. Veterans' Affairs
  95. Victoria Legal Aid
  96. Victorian State Disability Advisory Council
  97. Vision Australia Foundation
  98. War Widows Guild
  99. Whitehorse City Council
  100. Whittlesea City Council
  101. Wyndham City Council
  102. Yarra Ranges Shire Council

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