Accessible Information Solutions was formed in 2003. It combines the activities and services of Vision Australia Foundation (VAF) and Royal Blind Society of NSW (RBS) that are intended to increase access to information for people with a print disability. Accessible Information Solutions is a business unit of the National Information and Library Service.

The Web Accessibility Consulting team from VAF had been providing government departments, large corporations and community groups with web accessibility advice and training since 1999. The web consulting service grew out of a partnership with the Adaptive Technology Resources Centre (ATRC) at the University of Toronto, as part of a group helping people with disabilities to get the most appropriate assistive technology.

The Accessible Print Information teams from RBS and VAF have been providing alternative format advice and production services to all levels of government, corporate organisations and community groups since 1992 and 1998 respectively. Access to the RPH radio network is another important means to get the message across to people with a print disability.

These teams have combined to form Accessible Information Solutions to assist information and service providers to increase their reach to all Australians.

Our Services

Accessible Solutions - Online and web accessibility

Our web accessibility team provides consultancy, training and testing services to help our customers make their online services accessible to all. We work with customers from initial design through to application build and ongoing quality assurance.

We also offer customised accessibility workshops and regular public web accessibility workshops around Australia.

All our work is based on the international standards from the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

For further information contact:

Andrew Arch on (03) 9864 9282 or [email protected]

Accessible Solutions - Making print information accessible

The print accessibility team at Accessible Information Solutions has developed a broad range of strategies that are integrated into standard business practice and which significantly improve communication outcomes. There are a range of services such as the conversion of standard documents into more inclusive formats. These services include :

  • Audio cassette, CD and audio file for websites
  • Large print
  • Braille
  • Radio - RPH Print Radio network
  • Plain English
  • Tactual and Bold-print Graphics
  • E-text
  • Training
  • Consulting

For further information contact:

Tony Clark on (03) 9864 9702 or [email protected]
Jay Richards on (02) 9334 3556 or [email protected]

Our Team

Our accessible information specialists provide services throughout Australia and internationally from our offices in Melbourne and Sydney. In many projects we work with partners to deliver comprehensive solutions for our clients.

Our Customers

Over the past 5 years we have worked with more than two hundred organisations to help them more effectively reach and communicate with their target markets.
Our customers include:

  • Major Corporations
  • National Institutions and Regulators
  • Commonwealth Government Departments and Agencies
  • State Government Departments and Agencies
  • Local Governments
  • Community Organisations
  • Universities

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